MRI costs for private patients, self-payers and patients with statutory health insurance

At the German Pain Center Darmstadt, we pay particular attention to a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere during medical examinations and treatment and would therefore like to offer patient-friendly transparency of the costs involved in MRI diagnostics / individual MRI-controlled pain therapy, to give you sufficient information before you make an appointment for an MRI examination / MRI treatment.

The German Pain Center Darmstadt is a private practice and therefore the costs can only be paid either by your private medical aid or by you as a self-payer.

Your advantages are short waiting times, a stress-free examination situation and convenient appointment scheduling by phoning 0049 (0) 6151 / 786750 directly in the German Pain Center Darmstadt or booking appointments online via DoctoLib

We aim to enable competent and speedy MRI diagnostics for all patients, regardless of the type of insurance each individual has. These are your available payment options.

An MRI examination in the open MRI is possible if

  • you have private health insurance,
  • carry the examination costs as a self-payer,
  • as a patient with statutory health insurance, you submit a written declaration of consent (official declaration confirming payment guarantee of all costs) from your statutory health insurance company, stating that the costs incurred will be fully covered.

To make this possible your insurance company usually needs a brief justification on the referral from your doctor, so that your expenses of the examination/treatment to be provided (open MRI) can later be covered by your statutory health insurance.

Justifications are for example

  • Claustrophobia / fear of confined spaces
  • Failure of a successful examination in the closed tunnel system
  • Drug calming (sedation) not feasible.
    • You can obtain a cost estimate to hand to your statutory health insurance directly from the German Pain Center in Darmstadt or as a PDF file to download on our website.

      Antrag auf Kosten├╝bernahme f├╝r die offene MRT [50KB, PDF]

      MRI diagnostics / MRI treatment at the German Pain Center in Darmstadt for patients residing abroad

      The private medical services at the German Pain Center in Darmstadt for patients living abroad can be paid directly in cash or by EC card/cash card at the German Pain Center. An invoice will be issued following the examination or therapeutic service provided.